Kathy Mizen

Tegucigalpa, Honduras

IMPACT TRANSFORMATIONNEL : Mon rêve est de voir Dieu transformer davantage de vies grâce à notre programme Écoles de l'espoir dans les écoles publiques et les communautés de Tegucigalpa, au Honduras. Mon plus grand désir est de voir davantage de Honduriens abandonner la pauvreté et se transformer grâce à l’Évangile de Jésus-Christ !

VOTRE IMPACT : Votre partenariat aidera les familles à se libérer du cycle de la pauvreté et à aller de l'avant, afin qu'elles puissent poursuivre des niveaux d'éducation plus élevés et des emplois intéressants. En fin de compte, vous pouvez contribuer à créer un avenir meilleur pour ces familles, alors qu’elles réalisent leurs rêves et leurs désirs en Jésus-Christ !


I live in a country that struggles with extreme poverty. With 48.3% of Hondurans living below the poverty line, many struggle to find hope and feel trapped in their poverty. More than half the population are children, often living in abject poverty.

As the director of the Schools of Hope, I, along with my team, minister in the public schools in our district. We teach Bible classes, while providing nutritional food support to the students, giving us the opportunity to share with over 8,500 children!

I also oversee our ChildCARE Plus sponsorships, which helps children achieve their academic goals and provides families a way out of poverty. By partnering with local communities, we bring necessities like water and sanitation into their homes and schools. I also mentor local Hondurans to become leaders in our ministry programs, while equipping them to expand said programs.

Your Impact

Your partnership will assist families break free from the poverty cycle and move forward, so that they can pursue higher levels of education and meaningful jobs. Ultimately, you can help create a better future for these families, as they fulfill their dreams and desires in Jesus Christ!

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  • God to provide the right team of people we need to expand our ministry.
  • God to transform the lives of the men, women, and children we reach through our various areas of ministry.
  • God to give me wisdom as I lead our team and for continued safety and protection in Honduras.

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I served as a children’s pastor in Canada for over 17 years, working closely with families and their children. I mentored and trained many volunteer teams in various areas of ministry. I also had the opportunity to go on various missions’ trips around the world, where I experienced other cultures. This in turn expanded my worldview to see the world through a different lens.

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