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GlobalEd is the equipping arm of Mission Global. The vision for GlobalEd is that current and future kingdom workers would be prepared, passionate and purposeful as they make disciples everywhere for the glory of God. The mission of GlobalEd is to provide supportive assistance and guidance, raise and distribute resources, mobilize and encourage equipping workers, and to implement proactive strategies for the benefit of partners so that the equipping ministries associated with PAOC Mission Global are effective and fruitful.

GlobalEd works in collaboration with Mission Global workers and a rich network of international partner institutions and ministries. Through our programs we provide a variety of equipping solutions that both strengthen existing ministry leadership training programs and address strategic initiatives to ensure effectiveness in the vital area of ministry and leadership development. GlobalEd also provides important leadership support in areas such as accreditation, strategic planning, curriculum development and capacity building.

We encourage you to partner with us in this practical and transformational ministry!

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Our Programs


Timothy Fund

The PAOC has a network of over 50 partner Bible colleges and Christian universities worldwide where men and women desire to be fully equipped to pursue their calling, yet many of these students cannot afford tuition. A recent study of theological training worldwide indicates that one of the greatest impacts that the global Church can have in spreading the gospel is to offer scholarships to students wishing to pursue ministry studies. Thousands of students stand in need of scholarships.

Would you join the group of over 200 Timothy Fund supporters across Canada (and beyond) who currently invest in this initiative?

For further information, please contact Valerie Penney.


The IM Equip program provides equipping for approved PAOC Global Worker Candidates. Our goal is to equip each candidate with the knowledge and skills needed for strategic and effective cross-cultural ministry. We have created a robust pre-field development process to prepare Global Workers with personalized coaching and training before heading to the field. Global Worker Candidates typically retain their current employment while completing orientation and training expectations and developing their financial and prayer support team. Global Worker Candidates are appointed as PAOC Global Workers when they complete their orientation and training expectations and meet fundraising targets.

For further Information please contact Shelley Kauffeldt.

Ministry Essentials Training Program

The Ministry Essentials Training Program (METP) provides ministry leaders with essential knowledge and skills to lead a congregation or ministry and to set each leader on a trajectory for continuous growth to meet the challenges of ministry. Students will receive a basic education in biblical and theological principles as well best ministry practices.

Leaders will be equipped to engage the people they serve in an effective manner for the sake of the kingdom of God. They will be enriched in appreciation for what God can do through their ministry in the church and in the world as they depend on him and work in partnership with his people. In addition to equipping for ministry, the Ministry Essential Training Program intends to produce biblically informed, practically skilled, character-based, Christian leaders who continue to grow in servant leadership for the sake of the people (congregation) they lead.

For further Information please contact Rainer Mittelstaedt.


The Quest Leadership Program is committed to assist inter-generational leaders in their pursuit of character and spiritual development. The apostle Paul said it best to the young man, Titus, whom he was slowly and carefully training to take a place of responsible leadership: In everything set them an example by doing what is good. In your teaching show integrity, seriousness and soundness of speech that cannot be condemned, so that those who oppose you may be ashamed because they have nothing bad to say about us. (Titus 2:7-8)

Today, the world is encountering an erosion of leadership trust. More than ever, leaders are under intense scrutiny. From politicians to pastors, and every type of leader in between, people (including the media) are prowling like lions, waiting to pounce on anyone who becomes vulnerable to leadership weakness. Corrupt leadership is not isolated to a country or continent; it is a world-wide pandemic. It has the potential to be one of our greatest present-day humanitarian crises.

The Quest Leadership Program affirms that trust can be rebuilt as it promotes what is excellent and profitable for everyone. The program is committed to equipping leaders to be self-controlled, disciplined, upright, and ready to do whatever is good so that no-one can say anything bad about us. Why Quest? Quest encourages participants to live what they have learned and pass it on to emerging leaders, leaving a legacy of effective, efficient and vitalized leadership.

For further Information please contact Don Mann.

Light for the Nations

Light for the Nations (LfN) is the Missions Equipping ministry of GlobalEd. LfN is a global team of experienced global workers, passionate about multiplying workers for the Harvest, through solid cross-cultural training focused on Unreached and Unengaged peoples.

The Great Commission is not limited to churches of certain countries; it's the calling of the whole church to take the whole Gospel to the whole world. We are responding to traditional missions-receiving churches wanting to become missionary-sending churches!

The challenge is that specialized training is vital for cross-cultural ministry. Too many missionaries have been sent without adequate cross-cultural preparation, and too many have returned discouraged and disillusioned – unrealistic expectations, culture shock, and stress have taken their toll. However, with robust training, workers are equipped to successfully adjust to life and ministry in new cultural contexts.

This is the unique role and motivation of the LfN team –providing that specialized training. The goal is to mitigate difficulties, avoid attrition, and enable those being sent to effectively witness and make disciples among peoples who as of yet have no access to the Gospel.

LfN serves in Eurasia, Asia, Africa, Latin America; those we have taught serve in 30+ countries.

For further Information please contact Les Paulsen.

Opportunities with GlobalEd

If you would like to invest your time in one of our partner Bible Schools, and you're currently part of the PAOC, here’s how the Global Volunteer process works:

  1. Go to the Opportunities Enquiry Page to get started.
  2. GlobalEd assists with placement options.
  3. Professional development happens to augment your experience.
  4. Support for the details of your assignment, and fundraising, if needed.
  5. For questions, contact Kirk Kaffeuldt, the Director of Global Ed.

We can't do what we do without our partners!

GlobalEd Resources

Click here to visit our various resources including: downloadable GlobalEd newsletters, videos, campaign images and articles.

GlobalEd Resources

Click here to visit our various resources including: downloadable GlobalEd newsletters, videos, campaign images and articles.

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