Resources for Churches

The goal is to place resources in the hands of pastors, leaders and credential holders to assist in the process of mobilization for their church.


In Scatter - Go Therefore and Take Your Job with You, missions innovator Andrew Scott sounds a call for a new era of missions, one that uses the global marketplace for gospel growth and sees every Christian—engineer, baker, pastor, or other—as God’s global image bearer.

Window to the world (WTTW) is a short book of numbers, stats, and commentary illustrating the overwhelming need in our world. It compiles the top 100 world mission stats that should shake every Christian’s world and groups them into 10 categories to help broaden understanding.

Why does the church engage in missions? Where in the Bible do we find support for this work? These questions have been asked and answered by many throughout the centuries, though rarely does the investigation span across the entire canon of Scripture.