Rehab Centre in Latin America


Drug violence and usage are on the rise in Uruguay. With lax drug laws, the country is often used as a drug transit point, especially for cocaine, between its neighbours Brazil and Argentina. 

A Class A (the highest standard for drug rehabilitation in the country) rehab centre is seeking to respond to this growing problem. This centre is helping to transform the lives of mainly young men addicted to drugs and alcohol by the power of the Spirit! 

A waiting list already exists for the rehab centre. However, the budget is tight. Located on the second level of a local church, the centre could easily fill up to its maximum number of 15 men but currently only has between 5-6 residents. 

Your gift of $500 will provide a month of rehabilitation for a struggling addict. This includes housing, meals, job training, counselling/psychotherapy, and Bible study at a newly founded Pentecostal Bible college.