Burdened for university students migrating to Phnom Penh, Cambodia, but barred from accessing the country’s largest campus, global workers Ian and Tiffanie Rowley had to innovate. They took action and opened the Global Student Centre.

Starting as a coffee shop, they began to invite students to come and practice English. “Through one-on-one ESL sessions, we started to build relationships,” Ian recounts. The ministry took off, and through your support, they moved into a larger building. "On the top story of our building, we planted a church. We now have 70 students who gather in a small room to worship together and pray. Afterwards, we eat together as a family.” Ian says, “When someone converts, their families cast them out. These university students are wholly reliant on their parents for food and shelter.”

Two years ago, a student came named Sovvan to the centre. Through tears, he accepted Jesus, saying, “Even if my family disowns me, even if I have to beg on the streets for food, I will still choose to follow God because I know He is real.”

Sovvan’ story doesn’t end with his conversion. Having migrated into the city for University, Sovvan returned home after graduation. His home is in an unreached province of Cambodia. Just last month, he called Ian to ask for help planting the first Christian church in his community.

Your donation will make more stories like Sovvan’s possible. This community of students is gaining experience serving in outlying villages around Phnom Penh and leading the Centre’s church. Many plan to plant churches when they return home.

Like a rock dropped in water, your gift will have an impact that ripples out from the Centre.

The floodgates have opened in Cambodia!

Today, you can reach university students and provide shelter for new believers!

Each dollar you give will go directly towards upgrades and expansion of the Global Student Centre in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. It will help this dynamic church plant flourish!

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